Cher teases first ever Christmas album

Cher teases first ever Christmas album

Excited fans have already asked if we should now be saying Merry 'Chermas' to greet each other this year

Written 11th September 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

While Mariah Carey has long been celebrated as the undisputed queen of Christmas in the realm of pop music, Cher has now decided to join in the festivities.


The legendary pop icon recently hinted at the imminent release of her inaugural Christmas album, aptly titled "Christmas," in a social media post on Thursday. In this post, Cher unveiled the album's cover art, depicting her in a white shirt and bedazzled blue jeans, elegantly framed by oversized Christmas ornaments. In her caption, Cher playfully asked, "Will you be celebrating Christmas in my company? #cherchristmas."

Cher's announcement was met with enthusiasm from her fans, with some good-naturedly speculating about a potential holiday rivalry between Cher and Carey, who is renowned for her timeless Christmas pop classic, "All I Want for Christmas is You."

Cher expressed her excitement about her upcoming album, for which a release date has yet to be confirmed, during an interview on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

"I really am proud of this," Cher said. "It's a Cher Christmas album. It's not your mother's Christmas album."

The "Believe" singer also revealed that the album will include several collaborative tracks with other vocalists.

"I'm really, really excited because there's millions of people on it," Cher went on. "I've never had duets. I've never had people on any of my records. This was a last-minute thing … But they’re special: all of them."

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