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Who is St Nicholas?

Santa Claus , Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas, SinterKlass? He goes by so many different names, but who i ...

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Christmas was Banned!

There was a time when Christmas was banned in the United Kingdom. If it wasn't thanks to our ancestors causing riots ...

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When was the first ever Christmas?

The first ever Christmas is recorded as being in Rome on December 25, AD 336. So it has been around for a ...

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Why do we celebrate Christmas on 25 December?

It is believed that Christmas stems from both Pagan and Roman Cultures, but it is so far back, no one really knows.  ...

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What is Christmas in July?

Everyone loves Christmas so we can't really be surprised that people want to celebrate it twice a year.

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Is Santa real?

Yes, Santa is real. 

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Where does Santa live?

There has previously been confusion as to where Santa Claus actually lives. Some same Lapland, some say C ...

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Who is Mrs Claus?

She is often mentioned in stories and films, but who is Mrs Claus?

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