Coca-Cola truck hints it will be returning for 2022!

Coca-Cola truck hints it will be returning for 2022!

Iconic "Holidays are Coming" red Coca-Cola Truck is touring the UK in 2022

Written 9th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

There is something so magical about hearing the iconic Christmas tune - "Holidays are coming"

It has often been quoted that "it's not Christmas until you hear holidays are coming and see the big magical red truck"

Many people are lucky enough to witness the iconic Red Coca-Cola Truck as it takes a tour of the United Kingdom in the weeks building up to Christmas. The tradition started in 2010 and has continued every year with the exception of 2020 due to COVID.

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In previous years the Red Coca-Cola Truck started its journey in Glasgow on 24th November and continued until 19 December. There is even the added excitement that the Coca-Cola truck gives away actual real samples of Coca-Cola when it stops and there is an opportunity to have a photo next to the truck.

To add to the excitement Coca-Cola only announce their locations a few days before it sets off on its journey, so we have no idea where it will stop.

In 2021 the truck stopped at the following locations Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Castleford Yorkshire, Sheffield, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Cardiff, Bristol, Kent, London and Milton Keynes. There are hopes that it will drive further southwest this year going into counties such as Dorset and Devon.

There was the concern that may not happen this year, but Coca-Cola has hinted on their Twitter account to "watch this space"

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