Elf On The Shelf - The Musical!?

I was today years old when i found out there was an Elf On The Shelf musical

Written 18th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

The success of the Elf On The Shelf has been absolutely phenomenal. From publishing the book and launching the scout elf product back in 2005 the company has grown year on year. The brand has released licences to over 75 outlets, most recently with McDonalds in the UK using the branding on their Happy Meal packaging and giving a plush soft toy away in the box meal.

I was surprised to learn today that there has even been a touring Elf On The Shelf musical, though it doesn't seem to be selling tickets this year.

Watch the trailer for the show:

More info at the official Elf On The Shelf musical website.

Image credit: Ken Ek

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