Journey To Bethlehem: Teaser trailer is here!

Journey To Bethlehem: Teaser trailer is here!

This live-action musical movie looks like it could become one of those Christmas movies we watch year upon year

Written 10th May 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

The first Christmas movie trailer we've seen this year has arrived! It's only a teaser, but it's looking like this is going to be one of those movies you watch year upon year and sing around the house (or maybe that's just me). 

If you're into musicals, the story of Christmas (or both) then you're in for a treat with this live action musical adventure that is due to release on 10th November.

Watch the trailer here:

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From the IMDB overview:

"This live-action musical celebration weaves classic Christmas melodies into new pop songs in a music-infused retelling of the timeless story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus."

See the countdown here

Some of the comments on the Youtube page we wholeheartedly agree with:

  • I did not know I needed a nativity story musical until I saw this trailer. I’m so excited for this!
  • Reminds me of “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Coat”. I’m so excited!!!
  • Milo can really play any part absolutely amazing!!!!!!
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