M&S 2023 Christmas advert revealed

M&S 2023 Christmas advert revealed

Marks and Spencer Christmas advert spreads a message to stop the endless chores of Christmas and just enjoy ourselves.

Written 1st November 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Marks and Spencer's 2023 Christmas advert has a start-studded cast, including Sophie Ellis Bextor, Zawe Ashton, Hannah Waddingham, and Tan France.

The advert is set over four different homes and shows each person as they decide which Christmas traditions they wish to do and which traditions they would rather avoid. 

With the clever slogan "Love Thismas (Not Thatmas)" - the retailer's message to its customers is to put themselves first this year and put an end to all the endless Christmas chores that we would rather not do.



Anna Braithwaite, M&S clothing and home marketing director, said: “I’m sure everyone watching our ad will be able to relate to our fabulous cast of talent who so hilariously bring to life those little moments and dilemmas we all have at Christmas time.

“Before we created Love Thismas (Not Thatmas), we spoke to hundreds of our customers and they all told us that, at Christmas, they feel this pressure of having to worry about and plan so many things.

“We know it can often feel like the list is never ending so this year we decided to celebrate and empower our customers to just do the things they love.”

The videos is accompanying music by Ray BLK's I Would Do Anything For Love, (but I won't do that) portrays the message this video is trying to get across to shoppers.



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The advert has received mixed reviews


What a shocking & self centred advertisement for Christmas. I certainly won't be shopping at M&S to support something this bad


I get the “do what you love” but really setting fire and chucking a board game !!! Just say no if you don’t want to do something. Come on M&S 


Is everyone actually watching the ad? It's about being a mum, the traditional purveyor of making Xmas happen' and the pressure we put upon ourselves to make it perfect. I find it funny, honest and frankly refreshing. Great cast too.


I think it's horribly selfish and so not within the keeping of the Christmas spirit.


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