Parents mad at Google's answer to 'Is Santa real?'

Parents mad at Google's answer to 'Is Santa real?'

Children all across the globe are searching this question and all seeing the same answer

Written 4th December 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Sustaining the age-old narrative of Santa Claus becomes more challenging in the digital era. Parents have consistently strived to safeguard the enchanting story of Santa Claus for their children. However, as the internet becomes a pervasive aspect of everyday existence, maintaining this magical belief becomes progressively difficult since children can simply type 'Is Santa real?' in to their search engine of choice.

The most widely used search engine is Google and a search for that phrase greets the child with the simple and shattering " while there's 'no man in the sky riding a sleigh pulled by reindeer ...'.

My 9 year old daughter actually did just this yesterday and was devastated to come and tell me. I think I managed to just about cover it up telling her not to believe everything written on the internet, but this is an ongoing problem for many parents who's child may not be so easily convinced.

Just a quick search of social media in this subject shows I am not the only one experiencing this right now...

Image 1

Wouldn't it be so much better if a website (as above) showed up as the #1 result instead? This is a screenshot of the website

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