Red One Starring The Rock Delayed Until 2024

Red One Starring The Rock Delayed Until 2024

Global movie source IMDB changes it's release date to 2024

Written 29th November 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

As we approach Christmas one of the movies on our 2023 Christmas movies list that people had their eye was 'Red One', a holiday themed action comedy movie starring Dwayne Johnson & Chris Evans.

There are still rumours that it will be releasing on Christmas Eve, but these look like they won't materialise as no further information such as a movie poster or teaster trailer ohave nee announced and it's nearly Christmas.

Image 1

These are a couple of shots from the movie that have been on the IMDB page since we first wrote an article about Red One is earlier this year.

Image 2

Hopefully we won't need to wait any longer than 2024 to see this interesting movie concept. We have already seen an introduction in to the Christmas action with the release of Silent Night in 2023 and of course the classic Die Hard, which may not be a Christmas movie as such.

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