The Santa Clauses Season 2 Trailer has landed

The Santa Clauses Season 2 Trailer has landed

Written 20th October 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A trailer for the forthcoming second season of "The Santa Clauses" was unveiled earlier this week, featuring Tim Allen's Santa Claus confronting a familiar foe.

Within the preview, Allen's spirited character grapples with the sudden appearance of Antas, who goes by the moniker "The Mad Santa" and is portrayed by Eric Stonestreet. The two exchange heated words inside a festive store.

The trailer opens with Santa Claus, also known as Scott Calvin, taking his family on a midnight sleigh ride, and he exuberantly exclaims, "Yee-haw! I'm passionate about my job!"

See the trailer here:


Subsequently, Allen's character assembles his dear ones for a significant announcement: he envisions transforming the role of Santa into a family enterprise. He designates his son Cal, played by Austin Kane, as his chosen successor.

While expressing his confidence in Cal's suitability as the next Santa, a hiccup occurs when, during one of his initial chimney descents to deliver gifts, Cal encounters a homeowner.

Following this, Santa Claus receives news of Magnus Antas, who insists that he is the legitimate successor to the title. Antas makes his appearance in a holiday store owned by Kris Kringle, portrayed by Gabriel Iglesias.

Stonestreet's character playfully vows, "My revenge will be swift and sweet. I am Santa, after all."

Despite the reappearance of his old rival, Santa Claus remains undaunted and asserts, "Our family is brimming with magic. We're equipped to handle this."

Elizabeth Mitchell's character, Carol Calvin, then requests an elf to fetch her a jetpack before presenting her husband with a Santa Blaster. Santa humorously remarks, "I'm slightly uncomfortable knowing we have a weapon... at the North Pole."

The trailer concludes as Allen's character breaks the fourth wall, addressing the audience with, "And a joyful Christmas to you!"

"The Santa Clauses" was conceived as a continuation of the Santa Clause franchise, originating with the first film released in 1994. Subsequently, the original Santa Clause movie spawned two sequels in 2002 and 2006.

We're looking forward to coninuing this series when it premieres on Disney+ on November 8th.

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