Is this the world's worst Christmas song?

Is this the world's worst Christmas song?

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Written 11th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

We all remember Hanson from the good old days. They were the 3 long-haired American brothers who sang the classic MMMBop. 

Everyone remembers that classic tune that topped our charts in 1997. Hanson are still releasing songs but nothing will ever compare the global success they had with MMMBop, which some argue is a one hit wonder.

Little did we know that Hanson actually released a Christmas song in 2017 called "Finally It's Christmas". The music video starts off with the young brothers, back in 1997 sitting on the sofa together watching TV, it then shows them as grow-ups singing "Finally it's Christmas".

Unfortunately, this song was not as popular as MMMBop and has been officially voted the "Worst Christmas Song" by viewers on a poll on

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