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When was the first ever Christmas?

The first ever Christmas is recorded as being in Rome on December 25, AD 336. So it has been around for a ...

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Christmas was Banned!

There was a time when Christmas was banned in the United Kingdom. If it wasn't thanks to our ancestors causing riots ...

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Fun Facts About Christmas

Ever wanted to impress your friends? Get top marks in a Christmas Quiz? We have the best list of Random Christmas Facts. ...

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Why do we decorate a Christmas Tree?

Why do we bring a tree inside at Christmas? Which country started decorating trees? Who brought the Christmas tree ...

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What to call a baby born at Christmas?

It is very rare to have a baby born on Christmas Day, one of the reasons is because planned C-sections are not sche ...

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Where did the name Santa Claus come from?

How did St Nicholas go on to be Santa Claus? Santa Claus has been around for years, and it has recently been sho ...

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Best Christmas Memes

Meme's are a brilliant way to express ones feelings, and when you're passionate about Christmas there no better ...

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Who are Santa's reindeer?

We first learn of the names of Santa’s reindeer in 1822 from the poem ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas,&rdqu ...

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