A 'The Grinch' game is coming out next month and it looks fantastic

'The Grinch: Christmas Adventures' will be launching on consoles next month

Written 13th September 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A new game titled The Grinch: Christmas Adventures  has been announced by Outright Games, showing off the title based on the Dr. Seuss classic.

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The trailer features The Grinch and his loyal dog, Max, as they navigate various levels and employ a range of gadgets and abilities. It also provides a glimpse of the cooperative gameplay, where one player assumes the role of The Grinch while the other takes on the persona of Max.

Watch the trailer here:

The game will be releasing on October 13th 2023 on all current consoles and Steam too. We're so excited about this game we've made a countdown to it.

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Super excited about cudding up on the sofa with the kids and playing this game with a mug of hot cocoa.

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