Elf On The Shelf 'Photo Album' Goodbye Process

Elf On The Shelf 'Photo Album' Goodbye Process

The time to say goodbye to your elves comes before you know it and this is a lovely way to do it

Written 26th December 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

It can always be a bit of a dilemma knowing how to go about the 'farewell process' for your Elf On The Shelf each year. The Christmas Eve box is usually the feature to make a grand entrance and distract your children away from the elves before the big day, but if you're looking for something else that's magical and memorable that you can do year upon year then keep reading.

Nina Brown of Indiana, US, revealed that her family annual Elf on the Shelf goodbye routine consists of a delightful photo album showing all the elves adventures of this year. She has quite the collection from years gone by which her family can look back on every year. This does however mean the elves will need to come up with clever elf on the shelf ideas so that it's always something different for the children to see.

Here's Nina's original post on Facebook:

Image 1
Image 2

Image credit: Nina Brown

A photo of Nina's past Elf on the Shelf photo albums show that they originally had one elf named 'Stormy' who was recently joined by another named 'Buddy'.

Image 3

Above, the artwork that Nina uses for the front cover of the photo album each year (with additional text and showin in the photo of the books)

This is such a lovely idea and one that children are sure to cherish forever more. If you're going to get a photo book made with a service such as Snapfish or Photobox, make sure you allow enough time for the printing and shipping of the book. Nina does mention in the description that she makes sure the last few positions the elves appear in are easy to re-create so that they can be carried out, taken photos of, printed and shipped, ready to appear with the Christmas Eve box.

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