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Find out your Elf Name

Written 1st November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Ever wondered what your Elf name would be? will tell you. Based on your actual name this clever website will give you your very only unique name.

What's even better is your Elf name will stay the same every time you search for it - Just like Christmas Magic.


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Find out your Elf Name Game

Using you can find each child's Elf name. Each name is unique to that person and will remain the same for the entire year. Names are changed annually so that games can be played with the same children each year.

The children could try entering their names twice to see that it stays the same.

All names are child friendly, the most offensive names contain words such as 'Bottom', 'Bum" or "TwinkeLips'.  Due to this, you may want to check some of the sensitive children's names in advance.

Children could write their names on a place card and decorate it. Or they could have a sticker with their Elf name written on. Each child could be referred to by that name for the day. Anyone who makes a mistake could do a fun Christmas forfeit. The winner will be the person who uses the ELF names all day.

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Find Your Elf Name
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