Free Christmas activities Teachers can do in the Classroom

Free Christmas activities Teachers can do in the Classroom

Written 1st November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

We have compiled a list of FREE Christmas activities primary school teachers can do with their pupils. 

Depending on the number of children you have in your class these FREE Christmas activities can be done at home too!


Find out your Elf Name

Using you can find each child's Elf name. Each name is unique to that person and will remain the same for the entire year.

All names are child friendly, the most offensive names contain words such as 'Bottom', 'Bum" or "TwinkeLips'.  Due to this, you may want to check some of the sensitive children's names in advance.

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Create an Elf that looks just like you

Each child can create their very own lookalike Elf for free on ? This activity makes children think about what is unique to them, their eye colour, their hair colour and what makes them special.

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Santa Claus in a funny voice

One child stands at the front of the class with their back to the others. The teacher chooses a child to say the words 'Santa Claus' in a funny voice. The child at the front has to guess who it was that said it.

If they guess correctly they remain at the front and continue to guess.

If they guess incorrectly they go back to their seat and the child who said 'Santa Claus' gets a turn to guess at the front. 


Christmas Colouring

Every child loves a bit of colouring. Here the children can choose from Santa Claus, Mrs Claus, Snowman, Christmas Tree or Elves.

Free Christmas Colouring

Different ways to count down to Christmas

On YourChristmasCountdown there is an option to change the 'Countdown Settings'. On a desktop computer, it is the cog in the right-hand corner. On mobile, it is above the countdown. It is also further down the page in a list.

Children can play around with these settings and find out the different ways to countdown to Christmas. Showing how long in hours, minutes, and seconds.

You can also scroll down to the section (as pictured) and see all the different time formats.

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Santa, Santa, Reindeer

An alternative to the classic Duck, Duck, Goose. Children sit in a circle and one child walks around the circle and taps on each child's head saying 'Santa'. The child chooses someone to say 'Reindeer'. The person who had "reindeer' tapped on their head, then jumps up and chases them back to their seat. 

If they catch them then they sit back down. If they don't, then the person who was tapped on the head gets a turn.



The 12 Days of Chrismas Game

We all know the legendary song that is the 12 Days of Christmas. It is the perfect song to get your class up dancing, singing, acting and laughing.

Divide the class into 12 groups. Assign them all a line.


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