Jimmy Kimmel interviews Will Ferrell on being "America's most beloved Christmas figure"

Will Ferrell is compared to Mariah Carey, Santa and Jesus as one of the top people associated with Christmas

Written 12th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Will Ferrell appeared on the chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hulu on 7th December to discuss his new film Spirited, in which he stars alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Jimmy Kimmell explained that due to the popular Christmas movies in which he has appeared, Will Ferrell is now "America's most beloved Christmas figure"  (Watch the video below)

Will Ferrell who is best known for being Buddy the Elf in the classic Christmas film, Elf (2003). He discussed how appearing in Elf has changed his life and people's view of him during the build-up to Christmas. 

Ferrell said, "It's pretty amazing, you know I can do anything I want from Thanksgiving through to January 13th, people just let me into their houses, I can borrow their speed boat if I want to, I could shoplift, I can just do whatever, because of Elf". This was met by laughter from the audience.

During the interview, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned that the costume Will Ferrell wore in the film Elf has been recently sold for $300,000 to someone in the UK.

Spirited is a Christmas musical comedy, it is a modern take on the classic film The Christmas Carol. Will Ferrell plays the Ghost of Christmas Present. He tries to help Clint Briggs played by Ryan Reynolds mend his ways. 

Watch the interview below - 


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