'Christmas Dinner' Flavour Pot Noodle's are hitting the shelves (in the UK)!

Pot Noodle are bringing back the festive flavour after 12 years

Written 28th October 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Pot Noodle; Those little pots of dry noodles made in Wales, UK that you pour boiling water over to enjoy a quick lunch/snack once in a while (or sometimes more!).

Everyone has their favourite flavour and for me it's got to be the Orignal Curry, however there have been reports that Pot Noodle (or in this case 'Pot Noel') have relaunched this gamechanger flavour - "Christmas Dinner". It's flavour is 'Gravy & stuffing' and a pot will set you back about £1.20. Not sure if these will be available in the US though sadly.

This UK food account on Instagram posted the news on their account 2 days ago:


A post shared by Newfoodsuk (@newfoodsuk)


This tweet even shows a limited edition Pot Noodle Christmas cracker has been released featuring  Original Curry, Chicken & Mushroom and the brilliant Christmas Dinner edition that can be bought. Christmas presents sorted? 😂

Pot Noodle - Christmas Dinner flavour

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