Aldi launches 2ft pig in blanket wrapped in a bowl shaped yorkshire pudding

They launched it as a side-dish but it looks like a full on hearty festive feast

Written 4th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when supermarkets release their Christmas adverts and release their mouthwatering festive foods. UK store 'Aldi' have created a mega buzz with this giant 2ft sausage wrapped in bacon (otherwise known as a 'pig in blanket') cased in a plate-sized yorkshire pudding.

Image credit: Aldi

The 'side' fills an entire plate.

It's just one of the festive dishes Aldi have released ahead of Christmas

They have also announced 'pigs in blanket pizza' which sounds equally tasy: 

  • Sourdough base 
  • Roma tomato sauce
  • Chopped pigs in blankets (Sausage wrapped in bacon)
  • Sweet cranberyy sauce
  • British sliced turkey


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