Christmas Joggers

Have a casual Christmas this year

Written 21st November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Since the pandemic comfy clothes sales have gone through the roof. Everyone has got so used to wearing joggers and casual clothes.

Wide-leg trousers are the new trend for 2022 so why not combine comfy clothes, wide legs, and Christmas?


The Gonks

A white background with a pattern of gonks.

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The Christmas Scene

A black background with imagines for Santa Claus, Christmas Trees and reindeer.

The Snowflakes

A red background is covered with a beautiful snowflake design. The bottom of the left leg shows Santa, a penguin and a reindeer cartoon.

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Christmas Tree

A black background with a pattern of Christmas trees, candy canes and stockings.

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Red and Green

One leg is red and the other is green. with a pattern of a snowman and a snow scene.

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The white and red dye.

White at the top blended into red at the bottom. With lovely snowflake design throughout.

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The Snowman pattern

A red background with a snowman design all over. 

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Santa Claus patter

A Santa Claus pattern on a blue background.

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Black and Red tartan

Once leg is plain with a reindeer pattern and the other leg has a tartan red pattern with a reindeer on.

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Pink Christmas Trees

A pink Christmas tree pattern on a white and pink background.

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Black Snowflakes

A snowflake patter on a black background. A reindeer is at the bottom of each leg.

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