John Lewis Christmas TV adverts throughout the years

John Lewis Christmas TV adverts throughout the years

Written 3rd July 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

John Lewis & Partners launched their first Christmas advert back in 2007 and since then they've grown in to something spectacular with some lasting minutes. In recent years they're even looking more like a Hollywood movie than an advertisement. Got an hour free? We're listing the John Lewis Christmas TV ad from 2007 right up until now below for your viewing pleasure.

Side note: As you watch them develop through years you may need a box of tissues at the ready - your eyes are going to need them.

2007 - The Shadow

This clever advert shows a collection of items sold by John Lewis with their shadows making an image behind them. This advert keeps you drawn to it by adding extra items and therefore changing the shadow to create a different image.

2008 - From me to you

This advert shows a person and then the item from John Lewis that they would like for Christmas. This advert has it all, all ages, differences and emotions. There is someone everyone can relate to. One minute I'm laughing, next minute I'm crying. A brilliant video that I wanted to watch to the end.

2009 - Sweet Child O'Mine

I don't think this advert is as good as the previous adverts by John Lewis. It was a bit slow to start and I wasn't sure what was going on until the text at the end told me. I'm still a bit unsure. I think it is children getting opening presents that they would like when they grow up. I was a bit disappointed in 2009's John Lewis video.

2010 - A Tribute to the Givers

This years John Lewis Christmas TV Ad is focussing on the people who give presents and the thought that has gone into that present. It has an emotional song in the background which in my opinion makes the video. I didn't think the actual footage was particularly good. It is a little bit complicated and I relied on the title to give me a hint.


2011 - The Long Wait

The John Lewis advert for 2011 is a young boy excited about Christmas. Every day passes and he is patiently waiting for Christmas morning. You assume he is waiting for his presents when in fact he is waiting to give a present to his parents. It feels like it is a long 1 minute and 33 seconds of watching a boy waiting for Christmas and this year's song isn't as catchy as the previous. It isn't one of the best John Lewis adverts.

2012 - The Journey

This year's advert is about a snowman going on a journey.  We spend the majority of the advert wondering where the snowman has gone. At the end of the advert, we see that he has been to John Lewis to buy a scarf, hat and gloves for his snowman friend. It has a fantastic choice of song played throughout. 

It's 1 minute and 30 seconds long, and its concept is very similar to 2011's advert. By the end, this advert has given you that happy Christmassy feeling and the catching song makes it better than last year.

2013 - The Bear and the Hare

This advert is the longest so far at 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

This year's advert is a cartoon about two animals. The Bear has never seen Christmas due to him hibernating each year. At the end of the advert, he wakes to enjoy Christmas with the other animals and we see that the Hare has been given an alarm clock to wake him.

This is more like a mini cartoon than an advert. Lovely to watch with yet again a fantastic catchy song that leaves you wanting more.

2014 - Monty The Penguin

2014's John Lewis is even longer than before at a whopping 1 minute and 53 seconds. The majority of the advert is about a little boy and his pet penguin. Towards the end of the advert, it is apparent that the penguin wants a friend to love. The boy wakes up on Christmas morning and takes the penguin downstairs to see a new penguin. There is this lovely Christmassy heartwarming feeling. The advert then flips to real life and the penguin is actually a dirty old toy and a new toy penguin is under the tree.  The start of this advert is a bit boring and repetitive, but the ending is lovely. 

2015 - Man On The Moon

2015 is this year's longest advert so far at 2 minutes and 11 seconds. It is about a girl looking through a telescope at the moon. She notices a lonely elderly man living on the moon. She spends the majority of the advert trying to get a message to him. It has a happy unrealistic ending. As with previous adverts, it has a fantastic choice of background music.

2016 - Buster The Boxer Dog

Another long advert this year of 2 minutes and 12 seconds. The advert starts with a little girl wanting a trampoline for Christmas and her father spending Christmas Eve building it outside on a cold snowy night. Two foxes see it and bounce on it, and a badger, hedgehogs and garden animals jump on it. The family pet dog looks longingly through the window. On Christmas morning the girl awakes, excited to jump on her trampoline. The dog beats her to it and there is a lovely moment of music playing and the dog bouncing. It flicks to a realistic view of a dog bouncing and barking, road noise and shocked parents. It's the first time a funny part has been included in a John Lewis advert. I felt this last scene made the advert. 

2017 - Moz The Monster

This year's advert is again over 2 minutes long. It is about a boy who notices a monster in his room. He is at first scared but then makes friends with the monster. He falls asleep a lot during the day as he's playing with the monster at night. On Christmas morning the little boy wakes up to a funny wrapped present. It is a night light of stars, it appears it is from the Monster. Once this night light is turned on the monster is gone. Although a nice advert to watch, I didn't really understand the ending, I'm thinking the Monster has gone back to his home. I also don't really like the concept of Monster at night under a little boy's bed. I don't think this is one of John Lewis's best adverts

2018 - Featuring Elton John

This advert stars Elton John playing his classic song "Your Song". It shows footage of Elton John, starting from now and going back through the years, with one of the final scenes being him as a small boy receiving a piano for his Christmas present.  It implies that some gifts are more than just a gift. And the gift of a piano made him the person he is today. If you are an Elton John fan this will be your favourite John Lewis advert. It's a bit of a tear-jerker.

2019 - Edgar The Dragon

2019's advert is the longest yet, here we met Edgar the baby Dragon.  Set in the past, this advert tells us the story of Edgar and his female human friend. Edgar is learning how to control his fire breathing and causes mischief around the area. Edgar is sad as he keeps ruining everything and hides away in his house. His human friends try to get him to come out and show him how his fire breathing can help the village. Like all John Lewis adverts, it has a catchy song and a heartwarming Christmassy ending.


2020's Christmas advert is shorter than previous years. I thought this was a really clever video, it went through all the different ways moving images could be shown. For example, cartoons, drawings, clay etc. The moral of the advert was sharing love, and how one kind act can be passed to someone else, and they will do a kind act. I think this is one of the best adverts purely due to how it was made. It is the first advert that I have wanted to watch again. 

2021 - Unexpected Guest

2021's advert shows the story of an alien girl whose spaceship has crashed. A boy walking home from school meets her and they become friends. The slogan this year is 'For a Christmas as Magical as your First'. It showed a nice story of a friendship between two strangers from different backgrounds.

2022 - The Beginner

2022 saw the launch of many brilliant Christmas ads, but John Lewis's was a little different. Set to a slow cover version of Blink 182 - All The Small Things, it shows a man starting out learning to skateboard and the challanges he faces. At the end it highlights the issues surrounding children in care delivering a heartfelt message.

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