Christmas Nails  - that you can do at home

Christmas Nails - that you can do at home

Written 6th September 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

We love anything to do with Christmas especially those hidden Christmas touches that only a true Christmas fan would do. 

There are many designs out there, but more are unachievable at home. We have compiled a list of our favourite Christmas nails, that you can do yourself at home. We hope it gives you some inspiration this year. 

With each nail being different, this nail design is one of our favourites. Using the same few colours this design is really effective, but not too complicated. With a steady hand, this is something you could achieve by yourself.

This style is very trendy. All nails are painted the same except one. In this design they have chosen a deep red and silver sparkle. This look is simple but very effective. 

The bow design is gorgeous. The method of 4 nails the same and 1 different has also been used in this design. Once nail has been given a bow to smbolise a bow. The bit of glitter at the top by the nail bed finishes off this look.

This design uses clear nail varnish with a line of green, red and white. The matching gems completes this design.

We love this dark green design. Again the method of 4 nails the same colour and one white nail with a lovely holly design.

Grey polar bears are in this year. This snow design is gorgeous and the little polar bear finishes this design off perfectly. You may need a bit of help recreating him.

We have chosen another green design as we loved the Christmas Tree. Is it so simple but effective. You need a very steady hand to achieve the star and outline.

This red Santa design is the perfect Christmas nails. We love how Santa's coat and belt have been painted. 

This festive design reminds us of candy canes. The lovely green sparkly design makes it that bit extra special. You could also recreate this the other way round, by having 4 nails sparkly green and 1 candy cane design.

We had to add this gorgeous blue design and the unique mix of sparkly gold to blue tip. It is a different alternative to Christmas designs.

Nothing says Christmas without a Christmas pudding. This design has been beautifully created. We love the delicate detail of the holly on top.

A mix of red tips and a full red nail. To top it off a Santa picture on the middle finger.

Credit: Carina Döppen via Facebook

Red and green with a sparkle on the tips.

Credit: Bronnet McDonald

A french look on the 4 nails and the thumb has a Santa hat design on the tip.

Credit: Lynne Gorse

Sparkly purple with a snowflake design and a the words Let it Snow.

Credit: Suzanne Harris

A deep red with a gorgeous pattern of a Santa's coat and a snowflake on two of the nails

Credit: Daniell Kimberger

A deep red background with a design on each finger. We especially love the reindeer.

Credit: Gaia Sozzi

Clear with a red tip, with a dusting of glitter.

Credit: Lxkmdipb Danielle

A red background with a silver tip. One finger has a white background, all with a glittery finish.

Credit: Stephanie Piercey

Elf nails - With the fingers spelling the name ELF. The body of Elf is cleverly painted on the middle finger.

Credit: Emma Burton

Grey nails with a snowflake tip, and a red single nail.

Credit: Pamela Harrington

Disney theme Christmas nails

Credit:  Beatrice Holmgren

A bright red glittery look with 2 white nails and a lovely Christmas design.

Credit: Susanne Harris

A different Christmas pattern on each nail - WOW! These are truly amazing.

Credit: Kayla Love

A deep red background with a different Christmas pattern hand painted on each nail. 

Credit: Georgina Hughes

A bright red background with a snowflake pattern and a gorgeous gem.

Credit: Ann Turner

Red and green painted nails with a Santa hand on the middle finger.

Credit: Brooke Bregg

Red and green nails with a holly wreath on one finger.

Credit: Concetta Caro

A lovely white tip with a holly pattern across the front.

Credit: Donna Turner Bossier

Lovely Christmas theme with a gorgeous Snowflake, Reindeer and Santa.

Credit: Candice Muller

A sparkly red tip and a snowflake design with gems.

Credit: Jane Green

A pink background with a silver tip and sparkle design.

Credit: Audrey Ferigigi

A deep blue with a sparkle and a snowflake design on one nail.

Credit: Sharon Bahr

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