Make your own scratch card Advent calendar

Make your own scratch card Advent calendar

What a way to make the build up to Christmas even more exciting

Written 6th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A scratch card advent calendar is a truly unique way to countdown to Christmas. I recently saw something similar on social media and decided to have a go at making my own and put my own spin on it. There are 24 £1 scratch cards with a final £5 scratch card for Christmas Day.

The center is made using cardboard, wrapping paper, and some coloured card. The scratch cards are attached around the edge and each card is scratched off each day on the countdown to Christmas. 

This handmade advent calendar costs around £25 plus an extra £5 for the Christmas day prize if you choose to do this too.

Image 1

Want something different this year? With a personal homemade taste? Why not have a go at making this Scratch Card Advent Calender? You never know, you may win something big in the build up to Christmas.

This Advent calendar was created in around 30 minutes. 

Materials Required

  • 24 Scratch Cards
  • Red and Green Card
  • Cardboard
  • Wrapper Paper
  • Bow
  • 1 Final Big Scratch Card (optional)

Tools Required

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper clips


The Base

Image 2

Wrap a piece of card in wrapping paper, we would advise measuring the middle piece first to make sure the middle scratch card fits. If you don't want a scratch card for Christmas Day, you could just add a Christmas pattern or picture in the middle, or you could make a hole to look like a Christmas Wreath.


The Holly

Image 3

Attach the big scratch card to the middle. Cut out some red circles and some green holly shapes out of coloured card.


Place the holly and scratch cards

Image 1

Place the holly and scratch cards around the calendar to get a rough idea of how much holly you need to make and where you want the scratch cards to go.


Start sticking the holly around the edge

Image 2

Using pritt stick or PVA glue start sticking the holly around the edge of the calendar.


Attach the scratch cards around the edge

Image 3

Using paperclips, clip the scratch cards onto the holly or the cardboard. We decided to go for paperclips as they do not damage the scratch cards. Be careful not to damage the scratch card as a lucky card may become void if damaged.


Add a bow

Image 1

Add a bow for decoration and hang it on the wall.


Enjoy opening each day and Good luck! 

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