Christmas Themed Toilets

Decorating this year? Don't forget the toilet seat

Written 24th August 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

This isn't something new; Santa Claus style toilet decoration sets have been around for years and we remember posting about them on our social media pages around a decade ago when they were new and only available from China.

Well these days you can get them shipped next day via Amazon and there's many styles too, not just Santa. We've picked out some of our faves below. Which Christmas toilet seat set do you like best?

Santa Claus Toilet Seat Set

The original and arguably the best - it's the Santa Claus toilet seat set. There are many styles available now but we really like the look of this recently redesigned one. It looks comfy and high quality.

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Gonk Style Toilet Seat Set

Christmas gonks were everywhere last year and now you can compliment your gonk theme with this marvellous Christmas toilet decoration set.

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Snowman Style Toilet Seat Set

This cheerful snowman toilet seat set will certainly jolly up your cloakroom. It's a 4 piece with a matching towel too.

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Another Gonk/Gnome Style Toilet Seat Set

Another gonk style Christmas toilet seat set which I loved. I couldn't decide which I preferred; this or the tartan style one above (so I added both!).

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Rudolph Toilet Seat Set

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer will greet you in your bathroom. What an excellent design idea.

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