Shoppers in stitches at unintentionally rude Christmas decoration found at store

Shoppers in stitches at unintentionally rude Christmas decoration found at store

Facebook post has gone viral after a shopper noticed a rude Christmas ornament for sale at a UK shop

Written 7th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

During the festive season, shoppers are flocking to the shops to see the new Christmas displays and new products shops have to offer. One shopper found more than she expected amongst the ornaments.

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A woman was left in stitches after finding this (we're assuming to be unintentionally) rude ornament in her local B&M store, United Kingdom. She posted this ornament on social media asking if anyone else notices the rude acronym and has received hundreds of comments. The post has now been shared thousands of times.

BeckyB commented "I don't think B&M thought about this one"

TracyBeste commented "Took me a while to work it out but now I've seen it, it's so obvious"

CraigAtHome commented "I wonder how many people have bought this without realising?"

See if you can spot the flaw with this Christmas decoration:

Image 2

The decorative ornament spells out the word 'family', but the A is replaced by a Christmas tree, the I is replaced by a present and the Y has a reindeer's nose and antlers. This unfortunately leaves the letters 'FML' on clear display, which is a well-known acronym for f*** my life.

Many shoppers will have been completely unaware of this unfortunate acronym and would have purchased the ornament already. It could even perched on the side of hundreds of mantlepieces across the UK ?

B&M have had a few ornaments deemed as unintentionally rude. Read more here.

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