Where does Santa live?

Where does Santa live?

In the North Pole

Written 21st July 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

There has previously been confusion as to where Santa Claus actually lives. Some declare Lapland as his home, some say Christmas Island. We've done some research as to where he is actually based and can confirm.....

He lives at the North Pole with his wife Mrs Claus, his reindeer and his elves. The North Pole the most Northern part of the Earth, it is located at the Arctic Ocean. It is not part of any country, it sits international waters and belongs to everyone. It is cold all year round and covered in snow.

It is a magical place with a huge beautful iced lake. Santa spends the day in his office at the Elf workshop. He spends his evenings sat by the fire reading letters from children.

The elves live in small colourful cottages based around the Elf workshop. They make toys all year for good children. In their spare time they enjoy baking cookies and skating on the frozen lake.

His official address is 

123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888

Do you know that Santa actually writes back to children who send him letters? But depending on which country you live in the address varies.



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