Christmas Tree Snack Board

Christmas Tree Snack Board

An easy healthy snack board

Written 22nd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

The fantastic Christmas Tree snack board is made by TheBakaMama and we love it!

She has included a fantastic variety of healthy snacks in shades of green, red, and white to give it that Christmas Tree look.

With the snack board being in the shape of a Christmas tree it makes it look so enticing that any fussy person would find it hard to resist. The best thing about a snack board is that each person can take exactly how much they like - and there are no utensils, so no washing up!

From TheBakaMama's step-by-step approach, you can easily create this masterpiece yourself. She has also given you a list of ingredients to help you along your way.


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Image credit: The Baker Mama

TheBakaMama created this Christmas Tree Snack Board in approximately 30 minutes. She used ingredients such as pear, cheese, peppers, broccoli florets, and grapes to create the green tree.

For the decorations, she used raspberries, cranberries, and salami. Full ingredients can be found on her website.

There is also a brilliant step-by-step video



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