The Most Amazing Christmas Cheese Board

The Most Amazing Christmas Cheese Board

Woman makes the most delicious Cheese and Fruit Board

Written 11th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Food boards are a big thing this year, they look amazing as the centrepiece for any mealtime. 

Once called a charcuterie board, they are also often referred to as a Food Board.

The Food Board has created new Food Trends amongst the millennials and the Gen Alpha, as the visual appeal is more than the actual food on the platter it creates a 'Do-it-for-the-Gram' appeal that has made it a revolution in the food industry.

In simple terms, the food on a food board looks amazing so the younger generation like to take photos of it for social media, to get lots of likes.

The best thing about a Food board is No Utensils Are Required. Aside from the spoons or spatulas, you may use to apply spreads and items to your plate, utensils aren't necessary for eating items from a charcuterie board!

It's so simple and so easy. Guests can choose what they want to eat, how much they want to eat and when! It's complete freedom for guests to enjoy the evening the way they want, without feeling dictated to eat if they don't want to. – especially those with fussy eating habits!

And the best thing is less clearing and washing up!

This amazing Cheese Board is made by Meg from Aint Too Proud To Meg

She has titled it Oh Christmas Brie, Oh Christmas Brie.

It would make a fantastic appetizer or post-dinner treat, it is full of delicious-looking treats, topped off with Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, Gingerbread Men, Christmas Trees and the Christmas colours, red and green. This is an amazing Christmas Platter for any Christmas event.

The Platter consists of the following - 

Cheese - Brie and Provolone

Fruit - Raspberries, Pomegranate seeds, Strawberries, Blackberries

Crackers - Tree crackers, Cranberry pistachio crackers

Spreads - Raspberry preserves or Nutella

Sweets - Snowball cookies, Gingerbread shortbread cookies, Marzipan Santa, Marzipan tree, Peppermint candies, Chocolate caramel snowman

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