Make Your Own Door Garland

Make Your Own Door Garland

Step by Step instructions on how to make your own decoration.

Written 9th October 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Caroline Harrison crafted her unique door garland by starting with a pre-lit garland and embellishing it with charming candy cane decorations. Opting for the iconic candy cane stripes, she completed the festive look with a grand red bow as the crowning touch. 

She explains step by step on how she made it.

Image 1

1. I bought a pre-lit garland from a local supermarket and lots of candy cane tree decorations. 

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2. I found the half way point of the garland and put a big red bow there to mark the centre, then measured the width of my front door and bent the garland at either side of the bow so I knew it was equal length either side when hung.

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Image 3

3. I first just placed the decorations where I thought they would go, making each side as symmetrical as possible. That way, I could re-position the pieces before fixing them on permanently with a glue gun. 

Image 4

4. I installed a hook in the wall on both corners of the front door so the garland would be securely hung.

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