Disney release super emotional 2022 Christmas advert

Disney release super emotional 2022 Christmas advert

It's all about the importance of family - you'll struggle to hold back the tears

Written 3rd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Disney have released 'The Gift', they're 2022 Christmas advert. It's the third and final instalment of their series 'From Our Family To Yours' and see's the family preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

Watch it here:

The advert's moving background music is 'A Little More' by Encanto star Jessica Darrow. You'll likely know her as the incredible voice behind the track 'Surface Pressure' by character Luisa Madrigal in the highly popular Disney film.

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Image credit: Disney

The advert focuses on Ella, struggling with family changes happening around Christmas time. Her mum (Nicole) and stepfather (Mike) are preparing for the arrival of their new baby.

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Image credit: Disney

Ella's older brother Max giver her his treasured Mickey Mouse toy to help her sleep.

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Ella meets the new member of her family and places her Mickey Mouse toy in the crib.

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