Vote for your favourite Christmas Advert for 2022

Vote for your favourite Christmas Advert for 2022

2022 has seen Christmas ads taken to the next level

Written 10th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Every year across the United Kingdom and across the world, companies compete for the best Christmas Advert. This year, 2022 is no exception. We have seen some fantastic Christmas Adverts, from Buddy the Elf to Dawn French as a Fairy.  

But which won will be voted as 2022's winning Advert? 

Over on our Christmas Coundown website -, you can vote for your favourite 2022 Christmas Advert. At the end of the Christmas season, the winner will be announced.

If your favourite is missing, don't worry; you can submit any missing Christmas Advert at the bottom of the page.

Vote for your favourite here

Details of the Christmas adverts below:

Morrisons -  Farmer Christmas

Morrisons delightful 'Farmer Christmas' character is back for 2022 but this time he's the main character of the ad and we see his charm and humour. 

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Aldi - Kevin The Carrot

Kevin the Carrot is back in this clever Home Alone storyline parody.

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Asda - Buddy The Elf's Job Application

Featuring the most iconic Christmas movie character 'Buddy' from one of the best Christmas movies, 'Elf'.

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Lidl - The Story Of Lidl Bear

A man's Lidl Christmas jumper is shrunk in the wash making it the perfect size for his daughter's teddy bear.

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Marks & Spencers - Fairy & Duckie

The story of a Fairy in the search of a "special friend"

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Sainsbury's - Once Upon A Pud

Their advert see's Alison Hammond as a countess in an imaginary world where a festive feast is being prepared.

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Disney - The Gift

A story showing the importance of family.

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John Lewis - The Beginner

An advert which looks at the issue of children in care.

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McDonalds - The List

A touching message about the importance of family from an Oscar-winning director.

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Pringles - Festive Football Mashup

They've cleverly combined the hype of both Christmas and the World Cup.

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Amazon - Joy is Made

A heart-warming story of how the creativeness of a father bring joy to his daughter's world. 

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Waitrose - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The advert features a young boy in tears as he misses out on Pigs in Blankets

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