DIY Giant Gingerbread Men

DIY Giant Gingerbread Men

This guy shows you how to make your very own 5ft gingerbread men decorations

Written 14th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

We recently came across a brilliant DIY Youtube channel called 'Isaac Alexander DIY'. The channel is dedicated to 'do it yourself' projects that Isaac has dreamt up, brought to life and documented so that we can too. One of our favourites is this 5.5ft GIANT gingerbread man decoration. You can make as many variations of it as you like and decorate them as you wish as they look really effective stading in a couple or as a gingerbread man family.

I'll run through exactly what you need further down, but for now just watch this incredible DIY guide to see if it's something you'd like to do this Christmas.

Watch the full tutorial below:


What you'll need:

Please note the products/stores mentioned here are American but UK/ROW alternatives are out there.

Huge props to Isaac Alexander for this. Go checkout his channel for other great Christmas DIY projects.

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