The Best Christmas Hacks

The Best Christmas Hacks

This list of Christmas hacks will save you time, money or help save the planet

Written 30th October 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Yes, this is another hacks list although it's a Christmas only hacks list so that means it's just waaay more interesting. We've been hunting for the best Christmas hacks from around the web and have written up our favourites below.

Snowman Tealights

Once Halloween has been and gone you often find these LED tealights everywhere around the house for weeks to come. Well now you can make some brilliant snowman tree decorations with them. All you need is a piece of ribbon, a black marker pen and a black bottle top for the hat.

Image credit: The Mirror

Wrap Your Tree

No, we're not talking about wrapping paper, but cling film. Once it's sadly time to pack your decorations and Christmas tree away this nifty hack will save you decorating the tree perfectly again next year. Wrap you tree in cling film and all the decorations will be kept in exactly the right place.

Bauble Storage

Egg boxes are a great way to keep your Chritmas tree decorations safe when they're in storage. Yes there are dedicated Christmas tree bauble bags that you can buy which are better, but this little hack won't cost you a dime.... well, apart from the eggs, but hey we all eat eggs right?

Wrapping Paper Cuff

This is genius and the most simple hack of them all. Simply cut down a loo roll and voilà, you have a wrapping paper cuff that will stop those extra springy rolls annoyingly unravelling themselves.

Christmas Tree with No Wall Space

This cost-effective idea is perfect if your home is tight for space this Christmas

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Give your tree that extra glow

A mum from Ireland has shared the way she achieves a super bright Christmas tree on Tiktok

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Save money by making your own Christmas Tree ornaments

With only 2 ingredients and step-by-step instructions. 

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Create the perfect bow using your ankles

Woman shows how to make the pefect bow in 10 seconds using your ankles

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Make a gorgeous wreath with an old wire coathanger

This is so simple but brilliant and effective.

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