How To Build A Tipi Christmas Tree

How To Build A Tipi Christmas Tree

For your Christmas tree (or one of them!) this year, why not do something a little different?

Written 15th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

I was scrolling through Facebook earlier, as you do, and something caught my eye that I'd never seen before. Someone had posted a photo of their Christmas tree this year, but it's certainly no ordinary tree!

Image 1

Image credit: Unknown

This is the photo I saw which i stopped and gawked at for what seemed like ages. Is this real? How have they done this? So many questions ran through my head. The comments under the post were flooding in.

Image 2

The lady that posted the original photo we saw has been helping people make it and it's a lot easier than we originally thought. Simply buy an 8ft tipi and cover it in your own artificial or natural garlands, then decorate as you wish.

Buy a tipi from Amazon

Buy an 8ft tipi here

You can use real Christmas tree branches or attach multiple artificial garlands,

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Buy garlands

This great video will guide you through the process:

Here are some more lovely tipi Christmas tree examples we found:

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