Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Secret Santa Gifts

The best joke presents for 2023

Written 6th December 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Guess what time it is? Yup, that festive season! You're there, weighing the options for the perfect Christmas gifts—whether it's for teens, beauty lovers, your mom, dad, or even grandma. And if you're frantically on the prowl for some cool Secret Santa goodies, you're in luck.

The idea sounds fantastic in theory, right? A little something cheap and cheerful. But let's face it, in reality, finding that perfect fit is a bit of a challenge.

We've found new products for 2023.

Belly Fanny Pack

Who wouldn't want a dad-bag belly waistpack in their life.

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Animal Paw Sock

Realistic Animal Paw socks which look real from any point of view.


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Barry Wood on a Mug


Initially, all they believe they've gotten is a black mug, but the moment of surprise hits when your friend's face lights up as the unexpected image reveals itself. Pour your tea or coffee, and behold Barry's distinguished gentleman sausage emerging in all its glory!

Dick Pics in Nature

A 2024 Hangable Wall calendar showing nature photos that can be mistaken for something else.

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The Sexy Apron

Nobody buys this for themselves. It is a definitely a Secret Santa gift.

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Talking Dad Joke Bottle Opener

The bottle opening has over 30 Hilarious Dad Jokes making it the perfect joke present.

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Burritos Blanket

A novelty blanket is always needed - and the one comes in various sizes.

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The Christmas Mankini

With its own bells and red pom pom nose. Nothing says Christmas like a mankini.

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