Gingerbread House from the Movie  "The Holiday"

Gingerbread House from the Movie "The Holiday" The Creator Behind the Iconic Gingerbread House from 'The Holiday'

Written 7th June 2024 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

In 2018, the creative mind behind embarked on an ambitious project that combined their love for Christmas, English cottages, and the beloved holiday movie, "The Holiday." The result was a stunning gingerbread replica of the iconic cottage from the film—a feat that required meticulous planning, creative problem-solving, and a great deal of perseverance.

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Overcoming Challenges with a Little Help

The planning stage proved to be the most mentally taxing part of the project for Admittedly, math was not their strong suit, which made scaling down the cottage into a miniature version particularly challenging. Enlisting the help of her dad, they devised a basic blueprint of the house. Behind-the-scenes images from the movie’s construction provided crucial insights into the less visible parts of the house, such as the backyard and side views, which aren’t shown in the film.
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Trials, Errors, and Unwavering Determination

As progress shifted to the details phase, the pace inevitably slowed. This stage involved intricate tasks like roofing, piping gutters and vines, and landscaping—each presenting its own set of challenges. The paver stones had to be remade twice, an attempt at creating cotton candy smoke failed due to humidity, and even the writing on the fence sign proved troublesome. Despite these setbacks, pushed through, knowing that the quality and overall look of the finished product depended on perseverance.

Keeping up the energy and motivation during this phase was tough. The thought of making more royal icing became almost nauseating, yet the determination to see the project through to the end never wavered. The key was to keep trudging on, focusing on the end goal and the joy that the completed gingerbread house would bring.

The Final Push: A Mix of Pride and Fatigue

After working diligently on this project for over a month—plus the three years of planning and conceptualizing—it’s no surprise that felt a bit tired of looking at the gingerbread house. However, this fatigue was coupled with a deep sense of pride and relief. The project epitomized one of the core reasons behind the blog: to check off a never-ending list of to-dos and to-makes and to share these accomplishments with others who might share similar interests.

Image 2 hopes that others who are equally obsessed with Christmas, English cottages, and "The Holiday" would stumble upon this creation online.

For those who might be inspired to take on a similar challenge, her blog offers a wealth of resources, including printable recipes, templates for the gingerbread pieces, and a basic checklists.

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A Gift to the Community: Sharing the Joy

In the spirit of the holidays and community,’s gingerbread cottage from "The Holiday" stands as a testament to creativity, determination, and the joy of making something truly special. It’s a project that not only brought personal satisfaction but also adds a bit of magic to the season for anyone who encounters it.

For those brave enough to follow in these creative footsteps, the detailed resources and guides available on are there to help turn dreams into reality. Just maybe, this gingerbread house will inspire others to embark on their own festive projects, spreading holiday cheer far and wide.
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