Grinch pancake maker

Grinch pancake maker

Serve up Grinch pancakes for breakfast

Written 21st December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A Grinch pancake maker would make a great addition to any household this Christmas.

The pancake maker will imprint a copy of the Grinch's face on top of each pancake. Included in the box is also Green food coloring to get that extra Grinch feel and the pancake mix. It has never been so easy to serve up Grinch pancakes.

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The Grinch pancake maker is surprisingly cheap, it retails at $19.99 from Amazon. This makes it affordable as a Christmas present or even a Secret Santa present - as surely this is the perfect give for everyone.

With pancakes now becoming a huge hit in many households, especially over Christmas time it is thought that over 85% of people make pancakes on regular basis. It is predicted that over 65% of households own a pancake maker.



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