How much do you spend on your children at Christmas?

How much do you spend on your children at Christmas?

TikTok Blogger Karen reveals her children still feel 'hard done by' at Christmas

Written 14th December 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

A TikTok post has gone viral after a mum asks for "for people to be honest enough to say how much they spend on their children at Christmas, do you have a rough figure?"

She asked this question as her children say they feel "hard done by"

Karen's children both have Christmas birthdays so she combines their presents. She explains how she spends around £500 in total for both birthdays and Christmas and then a few extras totaling around £700 on each child.

Her children expressed that they felt hard done by this arrangement.


How much do you spend at Christmas?

Her TikTok has had a huge response with many people answering the following - 

£200 at xmas and £100 birthdays, they are only little but I expect as they get older it'll be more. won't spend what I can't afford EVER.

No more than £100. £150. 350 for each is such a lot of money!! We love Christmas and always have. Presents are ALWAYS secondary.

Amanda Nevay
i spend roughly £1000 on each child for xmas( i have 2) and £400 each for birthdays x

£1000+ Xmas £500+ birthdays - no budget, one child, buy all year round for both

Colette Neave
Birthdays about £500/700 each incl parties, and Christmas £100 or under each this year! Before was about the same but just not needed x

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