Out of control giant baubles seen rolling through Central London

You've got to see the video someone captured below

Written 2nd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Video footage has gone viral of two, out-of-control giant baubles rolling down central London streets.


In the early hours of Tuesday 1st November 2022, Storm Claudio hit the UK with high winds and torrential rain. Video footage uploaded to TikTok shows two giant baubles careering down central London narrowly missing drivers.

The giant baubles, one still it and both larger than cars were spotted tumbling down Tottenham court road.

They are believed to have come from a Christmas display, it is unclear the exact location. They were blown loose into on-coming traffic by the wind. One of the oversized baubles was filmed hitting a lampost. Thankfully no one was hurt just a surreal experience for all involved.


@theshadeborough Looks like these #Christmas decorations couldn’t withstand the heavy winds in central London last night! Two giant baubles were spotted flying through Tottenham Court Road. 😳🎄 [🎥 CC: @teeblund ♬ original sound - The Shade Borough



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