How to make your own AI Disney Pixar Elf On The Shelf Movie cover

How to make your own AI Disney Pixar Elf On The Shelf Movie cover

They've been flying around social media in the last few days, but how do you make them?

Written 8th December 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season like never before by creating a personalized Disney Pixar movie poster featuring your children and their Elf on the Shelf or other elf doll, all made possible through the wonders of Bing AI.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Bing AI seamlessly blends real-life photographs with the whimsical world of animation, creating a unique and magical keepsake that captures the joy of childhood.

How to Create Your Poster:

  1. Thorough Prompt: Begin by typing a detailed and thorough prompt of exactly what you would like to appear in your movie poster. Specify the theme or storyline you envision, ensuring a personalized touch to your animated masterpiece. Scroll down to find an example prompt to get you started

  2. Patience is Key: Creating the perfect poster with Bing AI may take some time and patience. You'll need to continue tweaking your prompt until you receive exactly what you want

  3. Worth the Wait: While the process requires attention to detail, the end result is 100% worth the effort. Your family's holiday memories will be transformed into a cinematic adventure, preserving the magic and wonder for years to come.

We recommend you:

  • Think of a title for your movie poster
  • Write your childrens first names, ages, eye and hair colour/style
  • Write your elves names and genders
  • Describe the background (should their be snow, Christmas tree etc)

Here's an example prompt that should get you some quick decent results:

Disney Pixar movie poster which says "Zoe and Evie Christmas adventure" under that say "starring Zoe & Evie". Zoe aged 11 with brown curly long curly hair and green eyes, Evie aged 9 with straight brown hair, brown eyes. A single elf on the shelf in the background


Click here to get started

(You need to be logged in to Bing for it to work)

Here's a video demonstration we made showing exactly what you need to do:

Go even further  by making a story book
If you're feeling confident with this you can have a go at making a full Disney/Pixar themed elf on the shelf story book.

Using the exact prompt as above, these are some of the movie cover results we got:

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