Macaulay Culkin COULD be Returning For New Home Alone Movie

Macaulay Culkin COULD be Returning For New Home Alone Movie

This could be the best Christmas news we've heard so far this year

Written 9th September 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Earlier this year, TV & moview news website 'Giant Freaking Robot' announced the news that Macaulay Culkin would be returning for a new Home Alone movie on Disney+.

With the huge announcement last year of the sequel to 'A Christmas Story', this might not be such an unrealistic idea either. Read further down to see why we think this.

Two of the most iconic holiday films are Home Alone and its sequel, Home Alone 2. Subsequent follow-ups, however, often failed to capture the same magic, most likely due to the absence of Macaulay Culkin.

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The latest addition to the Home Alone franchise, titled 'Home Sweet Home Alone', marked the franchise's sixth installment. It featured Archie Yates in the role of Max Mercer. Much like the earlier films, Max defends his home with an array of inventive traps, though the entire situation stems from a significant misunderstanding. Interestingly, the movie brings back some familiar faces, including Devin Raytray portraying Officer Buzz McCallister, who drops a tidbit of information suggesting that Macaulay Culkin's character, Kevin, now owns a security company.

While we can't confirm if this newfound information is part of the official canon, the prospect of Macaulay Culkin returning as the CEO of a thriving security firm within the Home Alone universe is undeniably intriguing. Imagining a scenario where Kevin's own child is accidentally left behind, leading to a chaotic adventure filled with traps and thwarting would-be criminals, would be a captivating storyline. It's essential to note that this remains purely speculative, as the actual plot of the upcoming film is still unknown.

Maybe it's not even going to happen? We can only hope.

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