Will there be a Christmas with the Kranks 2?

Will there be a Christmas with the Kranks 2?

Movie artwork suggests this is being released in 2023 - but is it true?

Written 27th November 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

In the world of cinema, sequels are as common as popcorn at a movie theater. However, there are some films that, despite their initial success, never seem to spawn the much-anticipated sequel. One such enigma in the film industry is the absence of a sequel to the 2004 holiday comedy, "Christmas with the Kranks." Despite the popularity of the original film, there has been no announcement or development of a Kranks 2. In this article, we explore the reasons why a sequel to this festive favorite seems to be a distant dream.

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1. Source Material:

"Christmas with the Kranks" is based on John Grisham's novel "Skipping Christmas." While the movie took creative liberties with the source material, it's important to note that the book itself does not have a sequel. Grisham, known for his legal thrillers, has not revisited the Kranks in his subsequent works, leaving little room for the development of a sequel based on new material.

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2. Cast Availability:

One significant factor that often determines the fate of a sequel is the availability and willingness of the original cast to reprise their roles. "Christmas with the Kranks" featured a stellar cast, including Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. As time passes, actors become involved in new projects, and their schedules may not align for a sequel. Without the core cast, recreating the magic of the original becomes a daunting task.

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3. Changing Tastes and Trends:

The film industry is ever-evolving, and audience tastes can shift dramatically over time. While "Christmas with the Kranks" found success in its own right, the landscape of holiday comedies has changed since its release. Filmmakers might be hesitant to invest in a sequel to a film that may not resonate as strongly with today's audiences, given the evolving preferences and trends in the comedy genre.

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4. Critical Reception:

Although "Christmas with the Kranks" was a box office success, critical reception was mixed. Some reviewers praised its humor and festive spirit, while others found fault with its predictable plot and slapstick comedy. The lukewarm critical response could influence filmmakers and studios to explore new projects rather than revisiting a property with a divided reception.

As much as fans may yearn for a sequel to "Christmas with the Kranks," the reality is that various factors, from source material limitations to cast availability and changing industry dynamics, contribute to the absence of a Kranks 2. While the original film remains a holiday favorite for many, it seems that the Kranks' Christmas tale will remain a standalone classic in the world of festive cinema.

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