Mariah Carey declares Christmas time in new Twitter video

Mariah Carey declares Christmas time in new Twitter video

Fans left buzzing for Christmas after watching Mariah Carey's latest video tweet

Written 2nd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Mariah Carey tweeted a video to her 21M followers yesterday that left them buzzing for Christmas. It features her in a black and white Halloween style clip peddling on an exercise bike, wearing a witches hat and cackling with laughter. Moments later she let's out a scream "It's time!!" before bursting into "All I want For Christmas", wearing the iconic festive fluffy jumpsuit we all love while sitting on a reindeer.

Watch the video here:

It's hardly surprising she's so excited for the festive season to begin. According to a study by The Economist, 'All I Want For Christmas is You' earns Carey about $2.5 million per year. The study also revealed that by 2016 the artist had earned $60 million from the song in total.

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If you take into account the last couple of years, Mariah Carey has likely generated a further $12.5 million taking her total earnings on the song to over $72 million to date.

Not bad for a song released over 28 years ago

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