TV show 'The Boys' Let's Put The Christ Back in Christmas Song

TV show 'The Boys' Let's Put The Christ Back in Christmas Song

Written 18th June 2024 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

If you love Christmas but haven't watched "The Boys," get ready for a laugh! The Amazon series is known for unforgettable scenes, and Season 4 doesn't disappoint with its jaw-dropping moments and witty social commentary. Debuting on June 13 with three episodes, this season might start a bit slower, but it's full of clever jabs at real-life events. One standout parody from Episode 3 is a song that's both catchy and hilariously awful.

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In "The Boys," music often adds a comedic touch. Remember Kimiko and Frenchie's song and dance routine in Season 3? Season 4 takes it up a notch with a ridiculous musical moment that showcases Vought's ideologies. While it's not a tune you'd normally sing along to, even the most critical viewers can't deny that it's both catchy and cringe-worthy.

Season 4 introduces "Vought on Ice," the latest production by the corrupt, Supe-run company. In Episode 3, we get a sneak peek at this absurd show when Hughie and MM try to spy on Victoria Neuman's meeting with Homelander. Imagine actors dressed as Homelander and Queen Maeve singing "Let's Put the Christ Back in Christmas," a ridiculous song about the so-called "war on Christmas."

This song is intentionally bad, crafted as Vought propaganda. Yet, the music itself is surprisingly catchy. The actors' performances are impressive, and composer Christopher Lennertz has done a fantastic job. Under different circumstances, it could be a fun holiday tune—though its lyrics make it a frustrating earworm.

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I might never forgive "The Boys" Season 4 for embedding this song in my head, but I get the joke. "Let's Put the Christ Back in Christmas" parodies the debate over saying "Merry Christmas" versus "Happy Holidays." It's no coincidence that Maeve's outrage at hearing "Happy Holidays" happens at a coffee shop, reminiscent of the real-life controversies Starbucks faced over its inclusive holiday cups and greetings.

With "Vought on Ice," "The Boys" continues its tradition of satirizing real-life issues through the outrageous antics of Vought and its Supes. This series thrives on its sharp commentary and extreme humor. So, while I'm stuck with this song in my head, I appreciate the clever satire—though I wouldn't mind if a new holiday.... I mean... Christmas tune takes its place soon!

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