Morrisons 'Farmer Christmas' is back for 2022

Morrisons 'Farmer Christmas' is back for 2022

Grower, Provider, Lover (of fantastic food) - Brilliant!

Written 5th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Morrisons delightful 'Farmer Christmas' character is back for 2022 but this time he's the main character of the ad and we see his charm and humour. This is the one I've seen on TV the most this year. Whether that's to do with the programmes watched I'm not sure, however it certainly makes me consider buying my festive food from Morrisons when I see that beautifully presented festive feast at the end.

Watch the full advert here:


If you're struggling to remember how we learned of 'Farmer Christmas' back in 2021 you can watch that advert here:

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