Peter Billingsley explains why it was the right time for 'A Christmas Story Christmas'

Peter Billingsley explains why it was the right time for 'A Christmas Story Christmas'

So many years have gone by without a sequel being proposed, so what made it the right time this year?

Written 19th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

The sequel to the 1983 classic Christmas movie 'A Christmas Story' was recently released on November 17th, which sees little Ralphie from the original movie as an adult this time around. The character is played by Peter Billingsley who was recently interviewed by Collider and explains why now was the right time for the sequel.

Billinglsey, who also produced the film, said, "I mean, it's been 39 years, so it's quite a long time. So I think, to some degree, now or never. I think the idea of Ralphie as a dad was a very intriguing thought."

"I had been approached about things. Nothing ever felt right. This one's been in active development for four years and a lot of the right pieces had to come together. We really needed the resources to build the original house and the whole neighborhood."

One of the things that helped make this happen was the fact that Vince Vaughn co-produced it.

"I got to work with Vince ... which was awesome and bring back the whole kid cast," he said. "So, it's been a while that we've been working on it and we didn't feel comfortable saying yes till all the right pieces fell ... and then we said, 'OK, we have the confidence that this was the time to go now.'"

"It doesn't feel like it's just like, 'Hey, how do we trade on what worked?' It's its own new story that feels like a proper evolution. That's what's so exciting about it."

Checkout this recent interview with Peter Billingsley:

And if you haven't watched/seen the trailer for this movie yet it's here:


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