The house from 'A Christmas Story' is up for sale!

The house from 'A Christmas Story' is up for sale!

One of the most iconic houses from a Christmas movie is now up for sale in Cleveland

Written 15th November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Yes, the actual house from 'A Christmas Story (1983)' is up for sale. It's located at 3159 West 11th Street in Cleveland's Tremont neighbourhood. The 'For Sale' sign was officially erected early on Monday morning.

Surrounding properties associated with the house are also included as part of the sale according to the listing:

“When we say all this can be yours, we’re serious. The entire campus is for sale, which spans a total of 1.3 acres including five buildings on seven parcels. Additionally, there are two public and one private parking lots, and two empty lots, which create room for further expansion."

Since the movie was filmed, the house had sat vacant for many years until a passionate fan of the film purchased the house on ebay for $150,000. He then proceeded to restore the house and furnish it to the scenes from the movies before opening the home to tourists on November 25th 2006.

There is no price tag for the current listing and is open to offers to the highest bid.

Watch the video:

This comes as the sequel to the original movie 'A Christmas Story Christmas' trailer is announced.

Buy 'A Christmas Story' merchandise here. They even have a giant leg lamp!

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