Some boxes of Heroes will be missing mini Twirls this Christmas

Some boxes of Heroes will be missing mini Twirls this Christmas

Cadbury have had supply chain issues and have had to improvise

Written 23rd November 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

Cadbury have announced that they have had to remove the miniature Twirl bars from a number of Heroes chocolate boxes due to 'supply issues' over Christmas.

Some tubs will now contain an alternative of two full sizes Twirl bars instead, which equates to the same total weight as the missing minatures. This is sure to cause uproar in some families with Twirl being one of the first-to-go chocolates.

This comes after Mars recently announcing they'll be dropping Bounty from some tubs of Celebrations, but that wasn't due to supply issues.

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Image credit: @And92rew on Twitter

Twitter user @And92rew took to Twitter to vent his frustration: "Excuse me why is there a normal size twirl in my box of heroes!?".

A spokesperson for Mondelez (the company that owns Cadbury) said:
"We're facing the same challenges that many other food companies have reported in recent months. To ensure we can continue to bring our loyal consumers the products they know and love, we have temporarily substituted bitesize Cadbury Twirl in Heroes Tubs, to the slightly larger Cadbury Twirl 21g across a small percentage of tubs produced"

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