Top Money Saving Ideas For Christmas

Top Money Saving Ideas For Christmas

Written 20th October 2022 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

With the worldwide cost of living crisis we're faced with and the cost of things we rely on all set to rise, we're all looking for ways we can save money at Christmas time but still make it magical and create lasting great memories. We asked the question "What are your best money saving tips for this Christmas?" on our Your Christmas Countdown Facebook page and here are some of the best money saving Christmas ideas.

Don't send Christmas cards

This won't be a popular option as people love to receive a card at Christmas time, but if the cost of buying/printing the cards in the first place isn't enough the cost of sending them will be greater. You could switch and start sending a digital version instead and help the environment at the same time, or stop sending them altogether. 

Only buy for the kids

Everyone else should be happy that you've saved money and stress by not buying gifts they don't need.

Plan ahead

There are many opportunities to shop throughout the year. Sometimes you may see something that's perfect for someone. Buy it there and then at the best price possible as prices tend to rise nearer Christmas.

Play Secret Santa

If not buying for adult relartives or friends is not an option, why not suggest doing Secret Santa with a sensible budget instead? That way you only need to buy for person.

Buy second hand items

There's nothing wrong with buying second-hand items, especially if they're in excellent condition. There are so many options for buying second hand with traditional charity shops as well as social media options such as Facebook Marketplace.

Only buy what you can afford

It's getting ever-easier to get yourself into debt these days with credit cards, overdrafts and store accounts making the temptation to spend what you don't have ever greater. There is nothing you can buy for Christmas that's worth getting yourself in to debt for.

Start saving

If you don't already save for Christmas START NOW. Even putting away a small monthly amount (e.g £20/$30) will mean when Christmas gets near you'll have hundreds of pounds or dollars to help with costs.

Get cashback for your purchases

If you're buying online you can get cashback from many retailers buy signing up to a free cashback platform such as Top Cashback. Cashback amounts vary from retailer to product but it all adds up and you can get the payments straight into your bank within weeks of purchasing.

Start a Christmas food cupboard

Start storing Christmas food in a cupboard from September onwards. Keep an eye out for offers on things that will keep such as chocolates, crisps, crackers, nuts and drinks.

Limit eating/drinking out

Try to limit the amount you eat or drink out. Save money by cooking at home instead of eating out or getting takeaways. Take a flask of coffee with you instead of popping in to Starbucks. It's so much cheaper to buy your own gingerbread syrup if you want it to taste Christmassy.

Buy preloved Christmas clothing

Not only does it help soften the fast fashion trend, it also saved you money and puts good use to decent unwanted Christmas clothing. If you're in the UK websites like Preworn are perfect for this. They have hundreds of styles and sizes of excellent quality used Christmas jumpers, t-shirts and accessories.

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