Ways to protect your Christmas tree from cats and pets

Ways to protect your Christmas tree from cats and pets

Purrfectly Safe Holidays: Keeping Your Christmas Tree Intact with Cats and Pets Around

Written 8th December 2023 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

The countdown to Christmas is upon us, and nothing signals the start of the holidays quite like the warm glow of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. However, if you share your home with playful and curious cats or other pets, you may find yourself facing a yearly challenge: protecting your tree from becoming an unintentional feline playground. Fear not! With a bit of creativity and some thoughtful planning, you can enjoy a harmonious holiday season with your pets and a fully intact Christmas tree.

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List of suggestions:

  1. Choose a Pet-Friendly Tree:

When selecting a Christmas tree, opt for a pet-friendly variety. Some tree species are less likely to cause harm to your pets if they decide to take a nibble. Consider trees like the Douglas Fir or Nordmann Fir, which have needles that are less likely to cause harm if ingested.

  1. Secure the Tree:

Before you start decorating, ensure your Christmas tree is securely anchored. Use a sturdy tree stand with a wide base to prevent it from toppling over if your pets decide to investigate. You can also anchor the tree to the wall or ceiling using fishing line for added stability.

  1. Avoid Tinsel and Imitation Snow:

While tinsel and artificial snow may add a festive touch, they can pose serious health risks to pets if ingested. Cats, in particular, are attracted to the shiny allure of tinsel, which can cause intestinal blockages if consumed. Opt for pet-safe decorations and ornaments made from non-toxic materials.

  1. Hang Ornaments Strategically:

Place your most cherished and fragile ornaments higher up on the tree, out of reach of curious paws. Secure ornaments with twist ties or ornament hooks to prevent them from being easily swatted off the branches.

  1. Consider Alternatives to Glass Ornaments:

If you have playful pets, consider using shatterproof ornaments made from materials like plastic or fabric. This way, even if an ornament does find its way to the ground, there's less risk of breakage and injury.

  1. Use Citrus Scents as Deterrents:

Cats often dislike the scent of citrus. Consider placing citrus-scented diffusers or orange peels around the base of the tree to deter your feline friends from getting too close.

  1. Create a Pet-Friendly Zone:

Designate a cozy corner with your pet's bed, toys, and perhaps a small, pet-safe tree. This can serve as an alternative focus for their curiosity, reducing the likelihood of them targeting the main Christmas tree.

  1. Spritz with Pet-Safe Deterrents:

There are pet-safe sprays available that deter cats and dogs from certain areas. Lightly misting your tree with these deterrents can discourage your pets from exploring it.

  1. Supervise and Train:

Keep a watchful eye on your pets, especially in the initial days after decorating the tree. If you catch them showing interest in the tree, redirect their attention to a more appropriate play area. Consistent positive reinforcement can help them associate the tree with a "no-go" zone.

  1. Consider an Artificial Tree:

If all else fails, consider opting for an artificial tree. While it may lack the natural scent of a real tree, it eliminates the mess of fallen needles and reduces the appeal for pets to climb or chew on the branches.

Now let's take a look at some of the creative and hilarious ways people have prevented their cats and pets from attacking their tree:

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