Christmas shopping comes earlier each year

Written 21st May 2024 | Subscribe to our Christmas newsletter

How early is too early to start Christmas shopping?

By May, only a very small percentage of people have started their Christmas shopping. Surveys typically show that the majority of holiday shoppers begin their gift buying later in the year.

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As of mid-November 2023, approximately 33% of U.S. holiday shoppers had completed their Christmas shopping, which is a slight increase from the same period last year

This trend of starting early is consistent with recent years, where a significant portion of consumers aim to spread out their holiday purchases to manage budgets better and avoid last-minute stress.


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The Benefits of Starting Your Christmas Shopping Early

As the holiday season approaches, many people feel the familiar pressure of last-minute gift shopping. However, an increasing number of savvy shoppers are beginning their Christmas preparations well in advance. Starting your Christmas shopping early can offer a range of benefits that make the holiday season more enjoyable and less stressful.

Financial Savings and Budget Management

One of the most compelling reasons to start Christmas shopping early is the potential for significant financial savings. Early shoppers have the advantage of spreading their expenses over several months, which can alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies the holiday season. By purchasing gifts gradually, you can avoid the need for large, lump-sum expenditures in December, making it easier to manage your budget.

Moreover, early shoppers can take advantage of sales and discounts that occur throughout the year. For example, many retailers offer substantial discounts during back-to-school sales, Labor Day sales, and other promotional events. By capitalizing on these opportunities, you can purchase high-quality gifts at a fraction of the regular price

Reduced Stress and Enjoyment of the Holiday Season

Another significant benefit of early Christmas shopping is the reduction of stress. The holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration, but the pressure of finding the perfect gift can be overwhelming. By starting your shopping early, you can avoid the crowded malls, long lines, and frantic last-minute searches that characterize the weeks leading up to Christmas. This allows you to enjoy the holiday season more fully, spending quality time with family and friends without the looming stress of unfinished shopping.

Greater Selection and Personalized Gifts

Shopping early also means better selection. As the holiday season approaches, popular items often sell out, leaving last-minute shoppers with limited choices. By starting early, you can ensure that you get the exact items you want before they become unavailable. This is particularly important for highly sought-after gifts, such as the latest tech gadgets or trendy toys.

Additionally, early shopping gives you the time to personalize your gifts. Instead of opting for generic presents, you can put more thought into each purchase, selecting items that truly reflect the recipient's interests and preferences. Personalized gifts are often more meaningful and appreciated, making your holiday celebrations even more special

Spreading Holiday Cheer Over Time

Starting your Christmas shopping early can also help spread the joy of the holiday season over a longer period. Instead of cramming all your shopping, wrapping, and celebrating into a few hectic weeks, you can enjoy a more relaxed and extended holiday experience. This approach allows you to savor the festive spirit gradually, making the entire season more enjoyable and less rushed.

Tips for Early Christmas Shopping

If you're considering starting your Christmas shopping early, here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Make a List

Start by making a list of everyone you need to buy gifts for, along with any gift ideas you have. This will help you stay organized and ensure you don't forget anyone.

2. Set a Budget

Determine how much you can afford to spend on each person and stick to your budget. This will help prevent overspending and financial stress.

3. Look for Sales

Keep an eye out for sales and discounts throughout the year. Sign up for newsletters from your favorite retailers to stay informed about upcoming promotions.

4. Shop Online

Online shopping can offer convenience and access to a wider variety of products. Take advantage of free shipping offers and early-bird discounts available on many websites.

5. Store Gifts Safely

Find a designated storage space for your gifts where they will be safe and out of sight. This will help keep your early purchases organized and prevent them from being discovered prematurely.

By starting your Christmas shopping early, you can enjoy a more relaxed, financially manageable, and enjoyable holiday season. With a bit of planning and organization, you can make the most of the months leading up to Christmas, ensuring that your celebrations are filled with joy and cheer.

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